Kevin & Melissa Herrin are senior pastors of The Fellowship of Texas City.  They have been pastoring in Texas City since 1990.  They have travelled the nation speaking mostly at youth events and have even ministered in Word and song, internationally, in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Philippines.  


Pastor Kevin feels a mandate to prophetically call this generation into its destiny of divine partnership with God.  He speaks to that part of us that God has predestined for fellowship and relationship with Him.  His and Melissa’s heartbeat is that our world would know its identity through Christ.


Since building their new facility in 2007, the church has tripled in attendance.  Pastor Kevin and Melissa value the multi-racial, multi-generational worship experience and place a major emphasis on reaching children and teens and, consequently, are attracting a great 20 to 40-something demographic.  


Having served on the Mayor’s Coalition for Teens since 1993, Kevin was asked to serve as a volunteer chaplain for the Texas City Police Department and has done so faithfully since November 2007.


Kevin is a recording artist and has made guest appearances on at least ten recording projects as a soloist and has released three solo projects of his own.  He has two books in the works.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Theology from Jackson College of Ministries and is presently pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership from Ecclesia College.


Melissa has travelled speaking at ladies’ retreats and is the administrative pastor at The Fellowship, an invaluable force behind its success and growth.  


Kevin and Melissa have been senior pastors since 2001 and are parents to Jade and Jentry, which is their highest calling at present.  Jade is now attending Ecclesia College online and serving in pastoral ministry at Hillsong Church in NYC.  Jentry is highly involved in the ministry of The Fellowship while attending high school.