We believe we’re created to be people of relationship. At The Fellowship, you’re going to find some great people to connect with and do real life together beyond the Sunday morning experience. 


Find Freedom & Build Community

We believe that real life change takes place in the context of relationships.  As a Life Group Leader or Attender, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts and live out the Great Commission.  Our life groups are affinity-based, or free-agent groups, and range from garage football night watchers to study groups.



Discover your purpose

Sessions 101-401 are the beginning of our “Next-Step” process.  

101: Church  Learn what is the vision, philosophy and belief of The Fellowship, as well as how to become a member of The Fellowship Family.

201: Essentials  The basics of our Christian walk of faith will come alive to you, such as how to have a daily devotion of powerful prayer and revelatory Bible-reading.

301: Discovery  Our personality and gift analysis will give you beautiful insight into your own life and help identify your God-given gifts.

401: Dream Team You’ll learn the exciting opportunities available for plugging that gift and unique personality into Kingdom purpose at The Fellowship.  Let’s do this!  You were created for His purpose!


Dream Team

Make a difference

We believe that we never experience life as God intended until we're fully engaged in serving Him and each other. Find the team that's rights for you.

Greeters  Welcome guests with a smile and make them feel at home at the Fellowship.

Hospitality  Offer a hot cup of coffee and a warm smile to Fellowship Family and guests.

Info Center  Provide useful information for events, and services at the Fellowship.

Fellowship Kids  Create a great environment for our kids to experience God’s Love.

Parking Team  Be the first friendly face to greet a guest and help them find a space.

Prayer Team  Help someone take their cares and requests and give them to God.

Tech Teams  Help present the gospel using, Video, Audio, Projection and Lighting.

Ushers  Be a host for our guests and help them find a seat.

Worship Team  Lead our Fellowship Family into an Encounter with God through music.

DestiNations  Bring the Love of God to communities around the world.

Fellowship Connection This team hosts four classes that connect you to the Fellowship.

Fellowship Students  Building up the next generation using youth groups, and activities.

Kingdom Builders  Be a part of a network of business owners at the Fellowship

Prison Ministry Carry God’s Love to those in correctional facilities.

Life Groups  Lead a group with common interests and help them connect.