A vertical relationship with God is paramount.  At The Fellowship, we value the tangible presence of God above everything else.  Without Him, we have nothing to offer.  He is the One who does miracles, changes lives and restores hearts.  For us, it’s about relationship with Him, not religion.  


Everything we do during the week points to Sunday.  It is the gathering of our whole spiritual family under one roof.  Through energetic, passionate worship, we connect to Christ by lifting our hearts to Him.  And through the dynamic preaching of God’s Word, we learn the heart of God for us and how to walk that out on Monday.

FELLOwship Kids

Newborn - 6th Grade - We create an environment where children are consistently exposed to the deep love of Jesus. We intentionally invest in the lives of our children through exciting worship, teaching, activities, multi-media and fun.   Our goal is to raise Worshipers, Warriors and World-Changers.



7th - 12th Grade - We believe in the multi-generational worship experience. So we encourage our students in junior high and high school to attend Sunday worship with the family as well as serve on The Crew, our teen leadership team.  Then, join us on Wednesdays for a dynamic worship experience and life-changing community. We're building a now generation of teens to become the next generation of adult influencers.  



Sessions 101-401 are the beginning of our “next-step” process.  

CHURCH 101  Learn what is the vision, philosophy and belief of The Fellowship, as well as how to become a member of The Fellowship Family.

ESSENTIALS 201  The basics of our Christian walk of faith will come alive to you, such as how to have a daily devotion of powerful prayer and revelatory Bible-reading.

DISCOVERY 301  Our personality and gift analysis will give you beautiful insight into your own life and help identify your God-given gifts.

DREAM TEAM 401 You’ll learn the exciting opportunities available for plugging that gift and unique personality into Kingdom purpose at The Fellowship.  Let’s do this!  You were created for His purpose! 



When you’re ready to dig deeper into your walk with God, this two-year college meets at the church on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  This two-year educational experience will allow you to earn your accredited associate’s degree in Biblical Studies and change your life in the process.