Trusting God and believing that we are fearlessly and wonderfully made through times of awkward change, embarrassing moments and a world full of constant comparison and harsh judgment is not easy as a young lady in our society today.  Let’s take a stance of support for the up and coming generation on women. Let’s take the time to raise up our girls into overcoming conquerors; that they will not only have respect for themselves and their sisterhood of peers, but stand firm in their character and identity in Christ, shining through the darkness of the world and glowing with true confidence, love, joy, hope and peace that only comes from the Lord! We hope your girl will join us for this unforgettable annual event!

Our goal at Glow Conference is to call young ladies to a life of freedom, fullness and fruitfulness in Christ, and to empower them with faith tools and practical exercises; arming them for the everyday battles of “tween-hood”. They will be welcomed into a safe and secure environment full of music, entertainment, refreshments and of course an amazing selfie station. Girls will be taken on an in-depth journey through Biblical scripture to discover the gem that God has created every young lady to be.